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OSM/Potlatch Easter Egg for Easter Weekend

Happy Easter for all of you out there celebrating!  For those that aren’t; enjoy the time off work if you get it.  I know I will!

Matt and I spent some time the other night playing with Open Street Map, updating roads in the Perth area, and just generally investigating how it works.  Using Potlatch (1.3e if it matters?)  we found the “Custom” background setting.  Assuming it would let us enter a WMS request, we tried without success.  To see what would happen with a ‘random’ URL, I entered, and got the odd behaviour illustrated below.  “Old Cheat Road” anyone?  It seemed like a bit too much of a coincidence to us, so we suspect this must be an ‘Easter Egg‘ in Potlatch!  What do you think?

Potlatch Easter Egg Settings

Potlatch Easter Egg Settings

Potlatch Easter Egg Results

Potlatch Easter Egg Results

For those of you familiar with the “Custom” feature; how does it work?  Should I be able to enter any valid WMS request?  Does it require a specific projection?  Or does it do something else entirely?

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