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Spring Riding and Weekend Update

This weekend was spent in Gatineau again.  Saturday night a few friends came up to join Mél and I in Gatineau park for a moonlit ski.  We arrived at P16 at around 9:30pm to find the parking lot surprisingly full, despite the light rain that was falling.  We skied up the 50 (see map here) to the Herridge Chalet, where we stopped for some wine and light snacks.  The chalet was empty the entire time we were there!  After socializing, we skied back to the parking lot and home.  A great little run!

Today after work Matt and I got out for a quick spin on the ‘cross bikes.  We did a quick 30kms down to Burgesswood and back.  Again, roads were mostly dry and I was feeling not too badly.  My back isn’t complaining too much yet, but I suspect it will be in the morning!  No word from the physio in Perth, so I’ll be calling Carleton Place to see if they can take me sooner… fingers crossed!

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