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Gatineau Park – (Still) World Class Skiing!

I spent a few fantastic hours today in Gatineau Park.  Since it is January, and since it was -21 degrees this morning , I was not riding a bike (I know, weird eh?) but rather I was on my cross country skis!

I met Steve and Carolin at the Gamelin parking lot (P3), and we had a great ski.  Despite my lack of expert technique, I still really love to ski; it’s an amazing way to experience the beauty of winter, and also a great way to get a good workout in too, if you’re so inclined!  Of course, if you’re not inclined, there’s nothing wrong with going for a ski and not worrying about the workout (although you’ll still get some no matter what!)

Today reminded me once again just how fantastic skiing in Gatineau Park truly is; world-class cross-country skiing, just a few minutes from downtown Ottawa (and only an hour drive for us from Perth!)  Despite some complaints about the grooming again this year (more here; this has been going on since Demsis took over the grooming contract in 2007) we must not forget that the trails are still far and above what other communities have access to.   Even poor conditions in Gatineau are considered great in other parts of the Country!  I certainly don’t think contractors should be low-balling contracts, and all the other funny-business that’s been going on, but at the end of the day, we have to play with the cards we’re dealt.  Luckily, if you take a positive outlook, they’re still pretty damn good cards!

Don’t let the politics get in the way of enjoying a great ski; get out there!

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