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My Experience with Google Books – Part IV

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Google Books

Well, Google Books has been a bit far from my mind lately.  Sorry for not updating sooner!

Unfortunately, there is not much new to report.  The only real change is that a week or so after posting Part III, I finally started to see near real-time results.  I now see data that is two days old in my reports (e.g. as I’m writing this on January 20th, I see data from January 18th.)  This is still quite ridiculous in the age of instant-everything but at least it’s not a week old!  Very strange Google, very strange.

A recap of where we stand:

  • How long will the “Processing” step take? – 13 days in my case
  • Now that the book is live, how much time does it take for the Reporting tools to become active and usable? – 8 days.  Approximately 7 days after the reports went ‘live’, I was able to see 2-day-old data
  • Once the book is “Live,” how much traffic will I get from it? (views, page reads, etc.) – so far, very little.  A couple of book views a month so far.  Hopefully this will change as next ‘cross season draws nearer!
  • How many folks will click through to the “Buy Link”? – none so far
  • How many of those folks will actually buy a copy of the book? – none so far!
  • Will I ever get ‘live’ results, or will they always be a week old? – apparently they will always be 2 days old… odd!
  • If these Google Books traffic numbers are significant, can I (and how?) then add the book to the Google eBook store?  I have read that an “Editions” tab will show up in my Partner Program page, where I can add it to the eBook Store.  I’ll keep you posted on this one!  If I decided to do this, I will likely have to stop selling through RBR.
  • How is the ad ‘revenue sharing’ linked to Google AdSense?
  • What are the limitations to a non-U.S. Google Books account?
  • How is the ‘viewable’ percentage calculated?
  • Why don’t I have an “Editions” tab to add the book to the Google eBook Program (should I decide to do so)?
    • is this related to the limitations of a non-U.S. Account?
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Comment from Anthony – Motojournalism
Time August 8, 2011 at 9:51 am

Well, roughly a year later and still the same problem with not being able to log-in! (My books are too large to use the web form) The non US account thing still seems like it might be an issue as well.

I’ve been selling my photography ebooks through my blog, but thought taking advantage of the ubiquity of Google seemed like a good idea.

So a year on, do you think it has been worthwhile?



Comment from darrencope
Time August 17, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Hi Anthony,

Can’t say it’s been worth it or not–it’s hard to quantify really! It sounds like an announcement should be coming soon regarding the ‘not available in Canada” restriction–but we’ll see about that!

Great website by the way!

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