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A Rare Ski/Ride Double Header!

February 5th, 2011. Mark it down. A rare ski/ride double header! You just know it’s a great day when you can ski and ride on the same day!

I was up early this morning for a quick ski with Steve and Carolin. We went to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, and the conditions were outstanding. The main park trail system is in great shape, and the trail up to Lally Homestead was also well groomed except for the first little steep section. The “backcountry” loop was partly trackset, then a short portion that was just machine groomed, then unmaintained for the last 3/4 or so of the 7.5km loop.  We were not the first skiers through, so we followed the track broken by the previous skier. It was perfect!

After our ski, we went for breakfast at Peter’s in Perth. I’d never been, despite living here for almost 4 years now! I enjoyed the sausage which was different than a typical ‘breakfast’ sausage, and they had Rye bread, so I was a happy camper :)

When I got home, the warm (2 degree) temperature and sunshine were calling me. Since it was still early (just after 11am) when I got home, I quickly put the fenders on the ‘cross bike, and set out for a ride. Since it was the first one of the year, I didn’t go far; just around the Glen Tay block for a hair under 15km. Feeling pretty good! Spin class must be working as I feel like I still have some ‘kick’ in the legs. I’m sure my ‘kick’ was a massive 30km/hr, but I’m not complaining at this time of year!

Off for a skate ski with Shawn in Gatineau tomorrow… what a great weekend!


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