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Using Golden Cheetah with a Sigma Rox Cycling Computer

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Golden Cheetah

We all have our own way of tracking and logging our rides. Everything from a checkmark on the calendar (a la Jerry Seinfeld) to a full-blown database-driven application, or a myriad of options in beween. How we track our progress is very much a personal thing.

Personally, I’ve gone through quite a progression, starting with a daily post to my website (still available here for nostalgic reasons). I then progressed to the excellent app, which I used until the free features disappeared. Yes, I was too cheap to pay, despite it being one of the most comprehensive logs I’ve used. For a while, I tracked everything there, and also did a monthly summary on my website. When I stopped using BikeJournal, I switched to a simple Google Docs spreadsheet for daily tracking, with a ‘live link’ from the Google Doc spreadsheet to the previously linked website. I gave up on the live link in 2009, but have continued to track everything in Google Docs since.

When I purchased my Sigma Rox, I expanded the Google Doc to include a bunch of new fields, including cadence, heart rate, etc. I also took a quick look at something I had heard about — the open source (e.g. free) software called Golden Cheetah. However, my first impression was not great. I couldn’t intuitively figure out how to use the software, and it didn’t work with data from my Sigma Rox. It looked too complex; since Golden Cheetah is designed for use with Power Meters, it has tonnes of metrics and features that made no sense to me. Thus, I quickly forgot about  Golden Cheetah.

Golden Cheetah <3 Sigma Rox!

Golden Cheetah

However, my recent “40km Project” failures have led me to start thinking about training differently. In a late-night research fest (oh come on, don’t tell me that doesn’t happen to you…) I re-discovered Golden Cheetah. (This is between dreaming of a PowerTap and thoughts of going strictly by feel alone.) I figured I’d give it another shot. I Googled “Golden Cheetah Sigma Rox” and found a mailing list post stating that work had been done to import Sigma Rox data into Golden Cheetah. I also noticed that lots of work had been done on new versions of the software, with an impressive looking list of features. I quickly downloaded and installed both v2.1 and v3.0.

So, does Golden Cheetah work with Sigma Rox data? Absolutely! After some initial setup of Golden Cheetah (to create an Athlete profile) I was very easily able to import all of the Sigma Rox Log files.  Simply go to Ride > Import From File in v2.1, or Activity > Import From File in v3.0. Browse to your Sigma Log files, which are stored in “My Documents\Sigma Data Center\951223\log” – or equivalent directory on other OS’. Select some or all of the .slf files, and Golden Cheetah will load your files and show them to you in a list by date.

One caveat (which comes from the limitations of the Rox) is that cadence is not stored in log files. Thus, Golden Cheetah will not display cadence. (And, obviously, since the Rox does not calculate power, it will also not be shown in GC.) If someone has a Rox 9.1, please do post to let us know if Power works in Golden Cheetah!

Here’s a quick shot of today’s ride graphed in GC. Nothing too fancy; this is really just scraping the surface of what GC can do. Perhaps a PowerTap would make things more interesting…

I plan on documenting my experiences with GC as I go. Stay tuned for more!

Example Chart from GC

Example Chart from GC

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Comment from Frans
Time January 21, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Hi Darren,
I’ve got a Sigma Rox 9.1, but I’m not able to import Sigma’s slf-logfile. I’m using Goldencheetah v. 3.0 . Rox 9.1 in fact also stores cadence in the logfiles. So this is probably the reason that Goldencheetah can’t import the (new?) slf-format ?
kind regards,

Comment from Zeppo
Time February 8, 2013 at 7:41 am

me too, no success neither importing Rox 9.1’s files from DataCenter 2 in GC 2.1, nor with the 3.0 version…

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