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Search and Filter in Golden Cheetah v3

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I put together a quick screencast showing the Search and Filter capabilities of Golden Cheetah v3. Check it out!

Golden Cheetah has a multi-function Search and Filter box in the top right-hand corner. By default, Golden Cheetah starts with the Search function enabled. This is indicated by the word Search… in the query box, and the presence of a magnifying glass icon. To switch to Filter mode, simply click the icon, and it will change to a funnel icon, and the query box will change to read Filter…. Naturally, clicking the Filter Icon will then toggle you back to Search mode.

The Search tool allows you to do a ‘free text’ search. It will search for the term(s) that you enter in any text (but not number or date) field. Use Search to find a word or words that you have entered somewhere in an activity.


  • To search for the word mountain anywhere, enter mountain
  • To search for the exact phrase “massive hill”, enter “massive hill” (notice the surrounding double quotes)
  • To search for either the word massive OR the word hill, enter massive hill (notice the lack of quotes), or, alternatively, enter massive OR hill
  • To search for both of the words massive AND hill, but not necessarily as a phrase (e.g. the phrase massive hill climb would be a valid result), enter massive AND climb
  • To find the words cyclocross and cyclocosym (or anything else starting with cyclo,) use an asterisk as a wildcard by entering cyclo*
  • A single letter wildcard is also possible, using a question mark. For example, to search for Brazil or Brasil, enter Bra?il
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • To escape special characters, use a \
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Comment from Brian
Time May 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm

Thanks for the tips on using the search and filter capabilities of GC!

Comment from darrencope
Time June 4, 2014 at 6:50 am

No problem Brian! Hope they helped you out!

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