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Create World Files For a Directory of KMZ/KML Raster Files

A while back, I worked on a project that required the conversion of a number of KML/KMZ (Google Earth) raster files into vector format (don’t ask!) Because there were a lot of files, it was painstaking to manually geo-reference the files after unzipping the KMZ to extract the raster files. I dug around on the web, and was able to find two tools that did the job. The first, WorldFileTool, works great, but must be run individually for each file (ie. you can’t run it in a batch over multiple files in a directory).  I use this tool if I’m only converting a single file, or less than a handful at at time.


The other option I found was a shell script created by Nicolas Moyroud, who had made it available at this link. However, the link now appears to be broken, and I can’t find another reference to the file. As it’s tagged as a “GNU/GPL v3 – Free use, distribution and modification” license, I’m posting a copy here for others who may find it of use. Note that all credit for this file goes to Nicolas Moyroud, and I have no claim to this work!

Click here to download the file!


Edit:  I also found a working download link and Nicholas’ descriptive page here (en francais).  He must have changed his URL structure since my original StackExchange post!


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