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New “Control Rendering Order” Option in QGIS

I just downloaded the latest QGIS development build (1.9.90-9) and immediately noticed a significant change to the look of the layer legend pane. It now looks like this:

Control Rendering Order

Control Rendering Order

You’ll see that it is split into two panes, with one called “Layers” and one called “Layer order.”  Each now has a checkbox to “Control rendering order”

Essentially, the new functionality allows you to decouple the way layers are organized in the legend (“Layers” pane) from the order they are rendered (drawn) on the canvas (controlled via the “Layer order” pane.) This is really nice if you have complex maps with many layers and groups in the legend!

It still seems a bit buggy, but considering it just came out in last night’s nightly build, I’m not surprised! I’m looking forward to seeing this mature!

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