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2011 – The Year in Review

Once again, I’m late with my summary of the past year. Shocking, I know ;) Better late than never though, so deal with it!

I’m not even sure how best to summarize 2011; once again it was a year of ups and downs, both in life in general, and in my cycling. However, like 2010, I’m very fortunate that the ups outnumber the downs by a significant degree! If only I could figure out how to eliminate those downs all together…



In 2011, I got out on the bike 150 times, for a total of 6882.96km. This is down 964.01km from 2010, which seems hard to believe because it doesn’t feel like I did significantly less riding! Total ride time clocked in at 239.74hrs, which is (obviously) 10 full days  (or, put another way, 2.7% of the year.) Some quick math shows that my average speed (for all rides, on all bikes) was 28.71km/hr. These numbers all exclude the 38.62hrs I put in on the spin bike, which would bring my total to 3.2% of the year ;)

The first outdoor ride of the year was February 5, and the last was on December 11. My biggest month was July when I rode 1424.46km, while the smallest was January, with zero on-road kms :(

As for bikes, I put 5380.94km on the Colnago (78% of my total), 1047.83km on the ‘cross bike (15%), 345.84km on the TT bike (5%) and a mere 22.12km on the Mountain bike (0.3%). A couple of others thrown in there make up the last few percentage (test ride on the R3, etc.)

Early season highlights included my best ever result at Paris-Ancaster, coming 75th overall (in a field of 1188) – 26th of 284 in the Men 30-39 category. Total time was 2h 02′ 40″, which was much better than the 2h 05′ 34″ from 2010! I hope to have another improved result this year, but perhaps shouldn’t get too confident! It’s hard to continue to knock time off year after year!

An early season minor crash slowed me down a bit in May, but fortunately not much damage was done! Summer consisted of lots of good fast rides, with every Monday for a month and a half faster than the previous! A good hard Rideau Lakes tour was thrown in for my longest ride of the year – 192.38km.

I was once again unsuccessful in my attempt at the 40km Project, coming 22 seconds from my goal. Frustrating to say the least! As is clear from some of the numbers above, I need to spend more time on the TT bike – 446km/5% just isn’t enough to be fully comfortable yet! This will once again be the primary riding goal for 2012.

Without a doubt, the overall riding highlight of the year was Tour de Brew; Vermont hills are amazing and I can’t wait to go back for 2012! Planning is already underway for an even bigger and better trip!

Fall ‘cross season was about the same as always; nothing special! By the end, I was once again lacking motivation, and entirely burnt out! If only ‘cross season was in the summer ;) On the plus side, increased focus on core strengthening and a slightly tweaked bike fit resulted in an almost entirely pain free season–the first since I’ve started having back issues! Goal for 2012 is to continue doing strength and stretch work all year rather than just when problems become noticeable! (Yes, I realize I said that last year…)



Well, once again, I only got out for one quick trip this year; to Puzzle Lake Provincial Park with Matt. The string of twice a year trips seems to have ended :( I hope to rectify that this year, and get in at least a couple of short trips. Ideally at least one of them would even be a long trip!



The blog has been up and down about as much as everything else.  I go through phases where I really want to write, and then phases where it’s the last thing I want to do! According to Google Analytics, this site saw 10,131 visits and 16,454 pageviews in 2011. The 10 most popular posts were:

Interestingly, my Sigma Rox posts continue to be very popular, and the rest of my traffic tends to be more GIS related.

My eBook continues to sell, slowly. The big news this year is that, as well as being available from the Road Bike Rider eBookstore, you can now buy your copy directly from this site for a much lower price–only $1.99!

Overall, another fun year with some great rides and good times! Here’s to an even better 2012!


Comment from Dave Haygarth
Time February 22, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Brill. I keep trying to summarise my years (or at least seasons) and it’s hard to pick out salient points (unless you do something like break your collarbone in your most important race of the year, of course). A nice summery. It just prompted me to review my 2011 and I got out on the bike 149 times. DAMN!

Comment from darrencope
Time February 22, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Thanks Dave! Too funny; beat you by 1! PLEASE tell me you didn’t actually break your collarbone in the most important race of the year? Hope you healed quickly and are extra motivated to win it this year! :)

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