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From Stout to Hefeweizen

In what seems like a flash, we’ve gone from stout to hefeweizen; from snow to sap, from glorious sunny skate skis to glorious sunny road rides; from ‘cross withdrawal to spring classics fever (is this Georgie’s last chance??) In short, life is good, and we’ve transitioned from my favourite season of winter to my other favourite season—spring is here! (for the record, spring is followed by summer, which is by far my favourite season, and then fall, which is better still!)

I apologize (as it seems I do every time I post) that I’ve been negligent in keeping you all apprised of my thoughts via this site. I guess I’m too busy living life to write about it. I generally think that’s a good thing :)

So what’s been going on with me this spring? Well, the Sport X gang made its annual trip down to the Forest City Velodrome and it was the first time I was able to join in. It was also the first time I’ve ridden the track in London (sad, I know, since I grew up so close!) It was also only the second time I’ve ridden on a track ever, after my initial amazing experience in Dieppe. I was blown away by the facility and the quality of instruction we had. Keep up the amazing work FCV team! We’re already stoked for a return trip! Here’s a quick clip from the GoPro:

We had a week of full-on summer weather (20+ degrees) and I took advantage by getting lots of rides in. I’ve tried to continue the trend, although we’re back to seasonal conditions, and the last few rides have been a bit chilly! I’m at my highest ever mileage for this time of year, having passed 1000km for the year this morning. Speaking of this morning, we did the annual ‘pancake ride’ from Perth to Temple’s Sugar Camp for some pancakes (french toast in my case) and syrup. Great fun was had by all, and we managed to fend off a strong wind to earn our pancakes fair and square :)

Last Saturday, Steve and and rode the Charleston Lake Loop, and tomorrow we’re heading out bright and early for a tour in the Elgin/Battersea area. I’m stoked to ride some new roads, since I’ve heard only good things about the area! This will be my last weekend of big miles before Paris-Ancaster, which is coming up on April 15. Hopefully the legs respond well to the miles, and I’ll be in good shape to hammer my way up that hill to the finish in Ancaster :) The weekend after is the Calabogie Classic Road Race, and I’m hoping to do that as well if I’m not too fried from P-A.  I’m sure you’ll hear all about it… eventually ;)

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