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The 40km Project – Part XII

OK, this is getting ridiculous! Both the lack of posting on this blog, and the fact that the 40km project is still ongoing.  On June 3, I rode the first of the ABC 40km TTs for 2012. I didn’t break the hour mark. In fact, I wasn’t even close–finishing in 1:02:45. Considering that my best time last year was 1:00:22, I have a fair bit of ground to make up. However, I am reasonably happy with the time, considering I’m just now getting over a 5+ week period of sickness that left me feeling tired and congested for the race. Not ideal. The tiredness meant that my heart rate was low–and I couldn’t get it up and keep it up. I ended up with an average heart rate of 171, rather than the very consistent 178/179 that I was able to maintain last year. Conditions were almost perfect, so I have no other excuses. The next TT falls after a very busy weekend, but I will have to try my best to be well rested for it!

Other than the TT, riding has been going well. Last weekend was the Rideau Lakes Tour, and I had a great ride with Steve and James. The weather cooperated almost perfectly (only a bit of rain when we set out on Saturday morning) and we even had a fun bit of gravel on McDonald’s Corner’s Road!

Tomorrow is a last-minute trip to Lake Placid. I’m going to ride a loop of the Ironman Course (minus the out-and-back) but add in the Whiteface Hill Climb. Wish me luck–I might need it!

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