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Hell Climb for Kidneys

For those keeping track; yes, this should technically be “The 40km Project; Part XIII” but, it’s not. Why? Well, we’re not going there just now. Trust me.

What it is instead is my report of the Tall Tree Cycles Hell Climb for Kidneys, which I participated in on Wednesday. What the hell is a hell climb? Well, it’s an uphill Time Trial, which is basically my two favourite things rolled into one; hills, and time trials! (Notice the ‘positive reenforcement’ there… I love TTs.. I love TTs…)

I convinced Matt Z to come out with me (what can I say, he’s new and keen!) We left Perth right after work, and headed straight to P10 in Gatineau Park. We got registered (the first two on the “Open” list) and changed before a quick warmup. We headed down to the base of the climb, and then climbed up to Champlain to give Matt and idea of what the course was like. We took it pretty easy, and Matt was riding strong. I threw in one hard effort to see how the legs were feeling. The response was; not so great! Ah well! Because the Hell Climb is so short (6.2km), I would only need to suffer for a few minutes. No worries!

As we rolled back down to P10, we saw a lot of folks had arrived, many with awesome costumes and ‘super modified’ bikes, and the crazy folks on fixies.

There’s not too much to say about the actual TT; I started hard, and my legs gave up quickly. I looked at my computer, and I had made it a whole 300m. Yikes! I eased off the gas, and the legs came around quickly. Matt had started 30 seconds behind me, and I was determined to stay in front of him, so I was back on the gas again. It occured to me that after riding Whiteface, I forgot how much ‘flat’ and ‘downhill’ there is on the Fortune Parkway. It’s not nearly as relentless as Whiteface. This gave me lots of time to recover and kick it to the big ring for a bit as well. I was actually feeling really good again by the T intersection. From here to Champlain, things get a bit easier, since there is more downhill and the overall gradient is a bit slacker. I put in one more solid dig for the last few km, and crossed the line feeling good.

My time was 12:08, which is 11 seconds faster than last year! I am very happy with this, since I have not been feeling well at all lately. I will take it!

Want some photos of the crazy costumes? Check out Rodd’s Photostream here.

Matt and I at Champlain Lookout; Post Hell Climb

Matt and I at Champlain Lookout; Post Hell Climb

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