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The 40km Project – Part V

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update to the 40km project, so here is the next installment.  Today we’re talking saddle and seatpost.  But first, a question; why is a seat called a saddle, but a seat post is not a saddle post?  Weird, no?

Selle San Marco SKN

Selle San Marco SKN

Thanks to Shawn W., the “what am I going to sit on for this mythical hour?” question has been answered.  He happened to have a very nice Selle San Marco SKN sitting around collecting dust.  And because he’s a hell of a nice guy, he offered it to me!  Thanks Shawn!

Of course, since it’s a saddle, and a saddle is a very personal thing, I have no idea if I’ll like it or not until I get the bike built up and get a few rides in.  Here’s hoping this one works for me!

Pazzaz Carbon Seat Post

Pazzaz Carbon Seatpost

Of course the saddle itself needs something to sit on, and Greg happened to have a used Pazzaz Carbon seatpost sitting around the shop.  We made a deal for it, and I brought it home, ready to mount up.

Not much else to say, but at least this gives an update of where we currently stand on the build.  The next update will be about … pedals maybe (?) and soon after that, hopefully the build!  A few pieces missing though; I need to dig the crankset up out of the basement in the shop, and get some derailleurs… anyone got some 9 speed Shimano kicking around?

Good luck to Shawn, who’s headed to the Tour of the Gila as a mechanic for the SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy team!  Way to go Shawn!  Make sure to give Lance and Levi a hard time!  I’m up bright and early tomorrow to ‘race’ the Almonte Paris-Roubaix.  No high hopes this week, since I’m not feeling all that motivated at the moment.  I just hope it doesn’t kill me!

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