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Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 2010

Here’s a slightly modified version of an update I sent to a friend about the Rideau Jamie Lakes Tour  2010.  I’m too lazy to type out the story again, so this should suffice:

Friday. Day the Zero. Worked until 4pm. Booo. Walked home. Beauty day. Packed up bike and assorted random gear into car. Waited for Matt to arrive. Loaded his bike into car.  Drove ~1 hr to cottage on Bob’s Lake. Drank beer, ate food, chatted with the lads (Jamie, Steve, Carl, Dave).   Sleep.

Saturday. Day The First. Beautiful Day! Quite warm and sunny. Very nice! A bit of a stiff wind, but it was a tailwind for the first little bit. We rode 193kms at a pretty fast pace.. stopped a couple of times for food, etc. A good ride. Got to the beer tent at Queen’s.. had a few too many beers.   To the hotel, where we were in and out in less than 7 mins (we were already 10 mins late for our dinner reservation…) Got to dinner at Frankie Pesto’s where our group of 30 had already ordered.   Was joined by the lovely Lisa, and then we ordered some food/more beer (yes, good idea, I know.) Ate some kinda seafood pasta thing that I recall being quite tasty. Went for Ice Cream at White Mountain.  Theeen.. after ice cream, decided to go for another beer. Yes, we are brilliant. Eventually, called it a night and got to our room for sleep.

Sunday. Day the Second. Woke up to COLD (10 degrees), wet (raining sideways), windy conditions. YAY! We had packed only shorts and jerseys.. great! We asked around our group and rounded up a bit of warmer stuff (not much!) and then stood around for a while before a restaurant opened. Some breakfast was destroyed, then we got ready to roll. I’m pretty sure the next 3 hours were the most miserable I’ve ever been on the bike. Damn cold, soaking wet.. windy .. awesome! My hands were so cold I couldn’t shift/brake, and couldn’t even get my waterbottle out of the holder to drink! Luckily, we had a couple of shortcuts that got us back to the cottage in 75 km, and we only had one mechanical (Matt’s broken chain!) on the cottage road.   We jumped in the lake fully clothed to wash the mud off and to warm up (yeah, the water was much warmer than the air!) then got some warm dry stuff on, ate some pizza, burgers, etc.  Drove home, washed the bike, had a shower.. went to bed!

Epic? You be the judge. Entertaining? Yes.

Sounds like many people made the trip back to Ottawa aboard a bus thanks to the OBC.  Lisa managed to make it back to Perth (averaging 30; well done!) and then got a ride the rest of the way.  Smart :)

Yesterday was a GREAT ride in SF.  I was feeling fantastic, so a few sprints were in order to mess with Ashby.  Sorry dude.  Once again Ian hung in all the way, which is beyond awesome!  The SS/Fixie apparently has an abnormal sized seat tube, so Greg had to order a seat post for me.  Hope to pick it up next week!

Tonight after work Shawn and I did a little photo shoot for the eBook.  He’ll process some photos, then I will get to pick the ones I want for the book.  The last step is to lay out/format everything how I want it, and then it’s pretty much done!  Stay tuned!  Here’s a teaser shot from the shoot:

Photoshoot Teaser

Photoshoot Teaser

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