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The 40km Project – Part VI

Well!  Lots of stuff going on (as evidenced by the lack of updates to this site!)…

The 40km Project has been moving along nicely, and the bike has now been built up (thanks Shawn!) and ridden (once!)  I will continue to post updates about individual components as I have time, but we’ll skip ahead for now…

On Sunday, I helped (well, watched) as Shawn assembled the TT bike.  We got a rough fit-up done, and called it a night.  We figured since I had never ridden in the TT position before, we could spend 2 hours or 5 minutes, and still have to change it all after I rode it anyway.

Yesterday, I figured I’d give the bike a shot at the Almonte Bicycle Club 15km TT on Tatlock Road.  Since I hadn’t ridden the bike more than around the block, I got there early for some warmup.  I put in ~20km at a decent pace, and got a basic feel for riding in the aero bars.  I probably looked like a triathlete with my serious wobbles, but I hope to improve that with some more time on the bike!

The race went surprisingly well, with my final time ending at 22:01 (so close!) and an average speed of 40.88km/hr.  This is the first time I’ve ever cracked 40 in any sort of timed event, so I am fairly pleased with the time.  However, 15km is a long way from a 40, so I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that yet!  However, the gusty headwind on the return leg of the course made things tough, so perhaps on a calmer day I would have been faster!

A few minor adjustments to the TT position are required for sure; aero bars need to come out a bit wider at the arm rests, and need to be rotated inwards a bit I think.  Other than that, I was surprised with the fit..much better than anticipated!  I’m still not used to climbing on the bike (feels completely different than the road bike) so that’s another thing to work on.

Up next (if I feel like it) is the Calabogie 40km coming up this Sunday!  Yikes!  My first real shot at the sub-hour 40.  I will be going in with lesser expectations, and hope to be pleasantly surprised!  Wish me luck!

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