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All Fendered Up

Kona With Fenders

Kona with fenders mounted. Bring on the daylight!

I just finished mounting fenders onto the Kona (my ‘cross rig) for spring rides.  With only a bit of blood, I managed to get them adjusted fairly well so that there’s no rubbing, even while running 35mm ‘cross tires.  This means I should have room to spare when I put on my road wheels.

It’s light out now until at least 5:30pm, which means that as soon as roads are clear, I’ll be able to squeeze in quick rides after work.  I’m getting anxious to get out on the bike; my indoor riding hasn’t been going well this year, so I need it!  Stay tuned for how things go–tomorrow night or sometime this weekend will be the first test ride, weather permitting!

Next steps?  Sign up for Paris-Ancaster, and get myself ready for the punishment!


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