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J&B, TT, TdF, RFP (a.k.a. the acronym post)

Well, this update has sure been a long time coming!  Despite (because of?) how much has been going on I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Yesterday, Steve, Ian and I did the ‘Scotch Run” – a 120km ride from Merrickville to Carolin’s family cottage, where we met her dad for a couple of ounces of J&B.  At 10am.  It ended up being a fantastic ride and will hopefully become a bit of a tradition (I mean.. what more could you ask for?)  I was feeling kind of crappy on the ride out, but after the scotch and a bit of a break, I was ready to rock.  The return trip was much faster, bumping our average speed for the 126km ride to 32km/hr.  Nice!  I love riding on ‘new’ (to me at least) roads–especially when they are as nice as these ones!

Last Tuesday, I once again did the Almonte Bicycle Club 15km TT on Tatlock Rd.  I took one whole second off of my time from last time, for a total time of 22 minutes on the dot.  However, it was a bit windier, so I’ll take it :)  August 8 (one week from today!) we’ll see if I can maintain that speed for a 40km TT.  I need to shave 1:14 off of my last attempt’s time.  The TT bike is ready to roll again, and my parents will be there to cheer me on.  Wish me luck!

Le Tour de France is over, and I’m suffering withdrawal  :(  I am annoyed that the best man did not win this year, but am prepared to live with it, as long as it gives Andy the killer instinct he needs to crush Contador from now on.  Hup Hup Baby Schleck!

Work is insane right now, with an RFP response taking up hours of my week and now long weekend.  What can ya do?


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