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The 40km Project – Part VIII

Wow.  Part VIII already!  Perhaps this 40km Project is getting a bit drawn out.. and I haven’t even finished all the posts about the bike yet.  However, that seems to be of lesser importance, since I’ve been racing!

Sunday was attempt number two at the hour mark on the Calabogie course.  My parents were up to visit, so I awoke early, had some breakfast and picked them up at their B&B.  Drove to Calabogie, and got ready.  A 13 km warmup this time, with no real super hard efforts.  Just a good steady few minutes in the upper end of Zone 2.

Weather was decent, but quite humid (80%) with some gusty SSW winds that were pretty strong at times.  Not exactly conducive to super fast times, especially given my distaste for humidity.  However, I was feeling quite strong, so was ready to push!

Got seeded #35 , and lined up just behind Neil.  Got off to a very fast start, and within 5km had taken 20 seconds out of Neil.  However, quick glances at the computer told me that the wind was making things quite difficult.  I felt fairly strong off the gun for a change, and didn’t take a long time to get warmed up.   I continued (by my unofficial time checks) to take time out of Neil.  However, he was also taking time from his minute-man, so I passed him before I caught Neil, who I passed almost immediately after the turn-around on a slight uphill grade.

I was still feeling strong, and hoping I could gain a bunch of time back with the tailwind on the way in.   However, very soon after I had passed him, Neil passed me back, then proceeded to immediately open up a big gap, which I was unable to close for the rest of the race.  Although this was a bit disappointing, I did continue to pick off riders, passing perhaps 4 or 5 (maybe more?) on the way back.  With 600m or so to go, I could see a rider in front and set a goal to pass before the line.  With a very hard effort, I was able to do so.  In retrospect, this perhaps meant that I had too much ‘left in the tank’  and should have been going harder earlier.

I knew as I crossed the line that I would not be under the hour.  I rolled back to the car a bit disappointed, but still fairly happy with my performance.  Almost everyone I heard/talked to was complaining about the wind, so I felt somewhat relieved to have an excuse.  However, when results were announced, it turns out that Aaron had set a course record so perhaps I can’t use the wind as an excuse!

My overall time was 60:58–16 seconds faster than last time, in tougher conditions.  For those counting, that works out to 39.366km/hr (and for those even weaker at math, that is LESS than 40, unfortunately).  I’m not entirely displeased with the results, but was really hoping to go under the hour.  FYI, Aaron’s time was an insane 51:17, or 46.799km/hr.

Full results are here.

It looks like my attempt at the hour on the Calabogie course will have to wait until next year.  There is only one more event this year, and it falls on the same weekend as Matt and Alicia’s wedding, so I won’t be able to attend.  This is quite disappointing, as the hour mark was a big goal for this year, and it looks like I won’t be able to do it :(

However, last night Greg announced a 40km TT on Aug 30.  It’s on a much flatter course, although it’ll have 3 turns instead of 1, so it may even out… It will be a bit less ‘official’ but.. may satisfy my goal for this year.  We’ll see how that goes!

Legs were totally trashed after the TT… I had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and could barely stand up from the table after dinner!  Rode in the rain from the shop yesterday with a decent-sized group (15 riders) considering the weather.  Went fast-ish, so it was not a recovery ride.  Feeling pretty burnt out today,  so I didn’t ride despite the nicer weather (humid though…)  Tomorrow is looking fantastic, so hopefully we have a good group out!  I think I am going to take a few days easy to see if I get some of my motivation back…


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