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Milk Bags and Fall Riding

Yikes… I’m terribly neglectful of this blog!

Last weekend was spent at Ashby Lake with the guys doing some mountain biking on the snowmobile/ATV trails.  Good times were had, lots of great food consumed, and a couple of beers thrown in for good measure.  Matt and I spent some time riding through a lake (over the top tube!) so Shawn W. now has the task of overhauling our bikes :)  Thanks Shawn!  We covered ~47km of trails, and got plenty muddy!

The boys on Mountain Bikes.  Note the milk bags :)

The boys on Mountain Bikes. Note the milk bags :)

Lots of riding on tap this weekend if things go as planned.  I hope to ride with Steve and Ian in Merrickville tomorrow morning for ~100km on the road.  Sunday is ‘cross race #2, this time in Brockville, and Monday is the Tall Tree Double Cross ‘gentlemans race.’   I haven’t done this before, but it sounds like a great ride, partly on road, partly on the trails of Gatineau Park.  A good chance to get some more miles on the ‘cross bike :)  I am in if Shawn M. is able to partner with me, otherwise I likely won’t make the trip.

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