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My Experience with Google Books – Part II

A quick update on my Google Books experience.

After my initial post of December 9 that outlined my experience adding my book to Google Books, I waited patiently for some action on the ‘processing’ status of my book.  Finally on December 18th, the book moved to a status of ‘Live.’ For those keeping track, this amounted to approximately 13 days in the ‘processing’ stage.  How did I know the book was live?  No, I did not get an email (that would be nice!); the book simply showed up under “Live” in the Google Books Partner Program interface on one of my daily checks.

As soon as I noticed the book was “Live,” I ran to Google Books and searched for “Cyclocross“.  The result?  Not my book :(  I then did an ‘author’ search for my name, and found my book.  I clicked the link, and ‘previewed’ the book.  Looking good!  I then went back and searched for the full book title “Cyclocross for Roadies” and the results came up right away.  I again tried a search for just “Cyclocross” and finally found my book on page five or 6! I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t further up on the rankings for the term “cyclocross,” but figured there wasn’t much more that I could do.  However, when I ran the search a day or so later, I was the second result, after Simon Burney’s book!  Much better!

So…some thoughts?  I had set the ‘preview’ percentage at 20% (the minimum allowable to participate in Google Books).  However, the preview appears to be showing 13 of 42 pages (30.9%), so I am not sure how this is calculated.  Perhaps it is smart enough to not include the cover and table of contents, etc. in the ‘viewable’ limit?  If so, then I would say 9 pages (21.4%)of the preview are actual content.  I would still prefer that this percentage err on the lower rather than higher side, but I guess I will live with it for now.

What else to say?  The reporting tools are still not showing any information, which is a bit annoying; you would hope that once the book is ‘Live’ that results would immediately be available for page views, etc.  Since it appears I will have to wait it out, I will again reserve comment on the reporting tools.

I’ll finish this with a recap of my questions from the first post.  Unfortunately, only one of them was answered…

  • How long will the “Processing” step take? – 13 days in my case

…while most of them remain unanswered…

  • Once the book is “Live,” how much traffic will I get from it? (views, page reads, etc.)
  • How many folks will click through to the “Buy Link”?
  • How many of those folks will actually buy a copy of the book?
  • If these Google Books traffic numbers are significant, can I (and how?) then add the book to the Google eBook store?  I have read that an “Editions” tab will show up in my Partner Program page, where I can add it to the eBook Store.  I’ll keep you posted on this one!  If I decided to do this, I will likely have to stop selling through RBR.
  • How is the ad ‘revenue sharing’ linked to Google AdSense?
  • What are the limitations to a non-U.S. Google Books account?

…and of course I now have some new questions…

  • how is the ‘viewable’ percentage calculated?
  • Now that the book is live, how much time does it take for the Reporting tools to become active and usable?
  • Why don’t I have an “Editions” tab to add the book to the Google eBook Program (should I decide to do so)?
    • is this related to the limitations of a non-U.S. Account?

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as things progress, but for now, Happy Holidays!

EDIT (December 28, 2010): The reports are now showing! Read Part III of my experience here.


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Comment from J.R. Pournelle
Time December 27, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Thanks Darren! I was getting most annoyed, because it only took 48 hrs for my book, “Outies,” to go live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – but Christmas has come and gone with no joy from Google Books, even though I uploaded BOTH .pdf and .epub versions. Yet, as you note – there’s no FAQ on this, no chat, etc – I finally found your post on the dogpile that is the unmoderated forum. So, back to drumming my fingers! Thanks again.

Comment from Darren
Time December 28, 2010 at 11:28 am

J.R.: I agree that some type of up-to-date FAQ would be idea–these seem like pretty common questions, and it’s odd that Google wouldn’t provide some official answer on these topics! Best of luck–be patient!

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Comment from Delphinus Publishing Ltd
Time May 25, 2012 at 12:04 pm

I just joined the partner program and found it very clumsy to use and not although my book is marked at being ‘processed’ not sure it really is as the file names and ISBN numbers have gone a little weird! All hail KDP for ease and quickness but shame about the book price strategy!

Comment from Amy Mosier
Time July 7, 2013 at 4:42 pm

I submitted to Google Books and two weeks later, it doesn’t show the cover (I submitted), it says there’s no ebook version (there is) and it doesn’t have my hyperlink to I am mystified how anybody accomplishes anything on Google Books.

Comment from Autor
Time September 10, 2013 at 6:25 am

Tried to publish a book on google today. Slow and clumsy interface, the help is a joke. Disappointed.

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