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2010 – A Year In Review

I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m finally getting around to writing a summary of my 2010.  It was a bit of a wild year on a number of levels, with some ups and downs along the way!

The year started off well.  January 28, saw my first post on this site,  The spring was warm and great for riding, with clear roads and not much rain.  My first outdoor ride was February 19th, and by the start of March I was riding outside consistently!  The first Sport X group ride happened on April 5th, and was the first of many fantastic rides with my favourite group.

All those early miles lead to some decent fitness, which helped me to my best ever finish at Paris-Ancaster, where I manged to crack the top 100 riders for the first time, rode the entire killer hill at the end, and finished in 2:05:34.   All of this despite some of Fall 2009’s back pain cropping up again in February/March.  However, some physiotherapy work managed to clear it up, and it was not a problem for the remainder of the spring/summer.

This year also saw the first annual Perth and District Chamber of Commerce Bike Rodeo, of which I was an organizer.  We had a great turnout of kids and families, and a fun time was had by all!  Expect this event to be back in 2011!

My stable went from 3 to 5 bikes, with the addition of the TT bike and single speed.  That, and I actually managed to ride the mountain bike this year (more than in the last 4 years combined) and had a lot of fun doing it. This means that not only did I add more bikes to the collection, I actually used all of them more!  Excellent!

Despite having a record year for quality, fast miles, feeling fantastic most of the year, and being highly motivated, I was unable to meet the goal of “The 40km Project“.  This is definitely one of my regrets for the year…so close, yet so far.  2011 will be the year FOR SURE!

My overall 2010 mileage came in at 7846.97km, which is 1500km more than any other year!  Unfortunately, all these miles left me tired and mentally exhausted for ‘cross season.  That, and my back pain issues cropped up again as soon as I started riding the ‘cross bike again in the fall.  A few fit adjustments were made, but physio was necessary again to get things back in shape.  I’m still feeling some pain, so I need to get better at doing my exercises.  Doing them consistently all year (even when I feel good) should be a goal for 2011.  Perhaps a better-fitting ‘cross bike is in order for 2011…hmmm…

The highlight of my otherwise disappointing ‘cross season with the first ever race held in Perth!  The OBC Series held a race here, and it was one of my favourites of all time!  It looks like the race will happen again in 2011, so I am already looking forward to that!

2010 also saw the launch of my eBook Cyclocross For Roadies: How and Why to Get Started. I’m quite proud of this book!  Read more about it here, or buy yourself a copy here.  Unfortunately, sales are not quite as robust as I had hoped, but I went in with no expectations, so can’t complain too much!  Of course I would love to sell more copies, so tell any friends and family who may be interested to check it out and buy a copy!

As mentioned above, this blog was started in early 2010.  There has been slow growth in visitor numbers over the year, with my Geography of Tim Horton’s post getting mentioned in a FARK comment thread, and my Sigma Rox Reviews getting solid hits.  As well, my most recent series of posts on Google Books has been getting a fair bit of attention, and will likely prove to be my most popular posts very soon!

So, what’s on tap for 2011?  Here’s a few things I am looking forward to:

  • Perth Fall Century Tour – this will be the first year for this event, and I am Chair of the organizing committee.  Let me know if you can volunteer to help!  I will be posting more info on this event in future – stay tuned!
  • Perth ‘cross race. Year two promises to be better than the first!
  • Whiteface Hill Climb – this is a possibility for this year, as Matt, Shawn and Trent may be interested!
  • Vermont “Tour de Brew” – the highly anticipated Beer & Bikes tour in Vermont.  Fingers crossed this one happens!
  • Improved book sales… hopefully better than 2010!  I’ve got some marketing ideas, and hopefully getting on things earlier in the season will pay off!

I’m sure I missed a lot of noteworthy events from 2010, but this should be a pretty good recap of the year.  Thank you all, and here’s to a fantastic 2011!


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