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The Illusion of Power (aka Early Spring Riding)

I’m just back home and refueling after my second outdoor ride of 2011. A glorious 30km on dry (but not exactly clean) roads in the bright, beautiful sunshine. It was the kind of ride that reminds me of why I ride in the first place. After a winter of hammering away on the spin bike, actually being outside and moving is the best feeling in the world!

Not that I’m knocking that mind-numbing spinning; thanks to my winter of work, I actually felt quite strong. Hitting the first ‘hill’ (term used loosely; remember that I’m riding in Perth where the biggest hill barely registers on a map,) I rose from my saddle and poured on the coals. As I was riding the ‘cross rig with no computer, I didn’t have any immediate feedback of my speed, but it sure felt fast! Cresting the top of the hill, I returned to the saddle only to realize that … I was still in the small ring… of a compact crank…

Ego slightly deflated, I grinned stupidly to myself as I realized that it’s not the speed that actually matters, it’s the mental feeling of power and strength. With more miles, the rest will come, but at least I won’t be starting from scratch!

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