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First ‘Real’ Ride of the Year!

It appears that spring is finally (although slowly) revealing itself here in Eastern Ontario! Saturday was a nice day weather-wise, but I did not get out on the bike due to spending a fun-filled day in Ottawa (Rae Spoon being the highlight). However, I made up for it on Sunday!

The plan was for Shawn and I to ride for a couple of hours from Barrhaven, and my assumption was that it would be a nice steady ‘base miles’ pace.. nothing too crazy. When I talked to Shawn, he mentioned that Gilles was looking to ride as well, so we agreed to meet up with him at his place near Oxford Mills. Turns out Marc and Julie were also there. Uh oh! So much for easy-paced base miles! We set off heading South (with a North wind!) at a steady, fast (at least for March) pace.

Aside from the cold wind, the weather was nice. Roads were ice free, and largely dry! Fairly pot-holey though, as frost heaves have yet to settle for the year. We had two flats (Julie first, then me closer to the end of the ride–a front flat even!) but had them changed quickly and back on the road before anyone froze to death. I hit a low point about 30km in, and was dreading the headwind on the way back. However, with some Clif Bar and water in me, and the legs woken up by the effort, I started to feel good again. Marc was a monster and just sat on the front in the wind all the way home. Gilles started to feel strong in the last part of the ride as well, and also did a bunch of work on the front. This was good, as Shawn and I were not contributing too much!

It was great to get out with a strong, competent group at this time of year. We ended up with 80ish km (82? 84? No one has spring bikes set up with computers!) in 2:30 (including the 2 flats and another quick stop). Not bad! That’s fast even for a summer ride for me! I’m feeling surprisingly good today though, and am sure it will be good for me. Just over a month till Paris-Ancaster! Yikes!

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