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The 40km Project – Part III

Cane Creek SCR-5S Brakes

Brakes. Yes, even a go-fast Time Trial bike needs brakes.  I managed to find some (hopefully) decent Cane Creek SCR-5S brakes on eBay being blown out by Cane Creek.  Seems they’re getting out of the brake business, and had some new stock to unload.  For $15 US each, I managed to get a matching set of front and rear brakes.  The only negative reviews I could find all related to the quality of the brake pads, so I was pleased when mine arrived with KoolStop pads; Cane Creek must have responded to the complaints.

They’re not anything too special, but look pretty slick with the little laser-etched gecko logo.  For the price, they’re also surprisingly light at approximately 292g per pair.  (vs 293g for 2010 Dura Ace, although we’re comparing single pivot vs. double pivot here, so perhaps not entirely fair…)

I won’t be able to comment on these until the bike is built up (obviously) and of course by then I’ll forget to provide an update.  In the case of brakes, no news is good news–so if you don’t see any further posts here about them, you can assume it’s because they just do the job and give me no problems.


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