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Summer is Here

A few events to catch up on…I’ve been riding but not posting!

First we’ll go back to June 9. Sport X hosted a Cervelo eRide, and I signed up to test out an R3. As I almost exclusively ride my traditional steel Colnago, the new carbon super-bikes are a bit foreign to me. I thought this would be a great way to test one out and see what the big deal was. I arrived early and got an Ultegra build R3 set up for me. While setting the saddle height, I hopped on to take a spin around the block. On the first pedal stroke, the front wheel popped off the ground—CRAP, this thing is stiff —I thought to myself, and pedaled a bit more softly around the block. The sales rep told us to aim for the pot holes rather than avoid them, to get a feel for the bike. Naturally, I did so; pot holes, train tracks, whatever I could find. The bike soaked it up with just enough feedback, but no harshness. Sprinting in the drops felt like a natural fit–solid as a rock, and super predictable. Our test ride ended up as a 64km group ride to Murphy’s Point and back.  Needless to say, I was blown away with the bike. I’ll have to ride some more to compare others to the Cervelo, but this was certainly a good first taste.

Cervelo eRide

Me, Chris, Peter (l-r) on the Cervelo eRide

The weekend of the 11/12th was the Rideau/Jamie Lakes Tour. Again, we left from Bob’s Lake, did the tour up through Sharbot Lake, Snow Road, Elphin, and then caught on to the regular route from Perth to Kingston. On Sunday, we took the short way back, which (unfortunately) meant we missed the Sport X cheering squad, who had set up at the top of the hill in Westport with the new trailer and a bunch of GU to hand out. They also decided to make it a bit of a ‘tour’-like event, and painted our names on the road, which was amazing. I felt very stupid for taking the short way home and missing out on all the fun. Luckily Shawn captured the moment for everyone who missed out! Thanks so much to the whole Sport X gang for being just generally awesome!

Imortalized on the road

Imortalized on the road

This Saturday, Steve, Ian, Yves, Jeff and I did a Scotch Run, and as always it was fantastic! A slightly different route lead to 125kms for the day.

Sunday was my first Park Loop this year (I know, what?!?)  I met up with Lisa for a ride to the park, one loop around and back, for a total of 70km on a beautiful morning. Following the ride, we headed to Preston St. to watch the crits. Some great racing, and as always I was happy to see Mateo take the win in the elite race! Well done Mateo! How can you not like this kid? I ended the day a bit toasty, and now my forehead is peeling. Ah of these years I will learn!

On our Saturday Scotch Run, it came up in conversation that we had never cracked the 100km mark on a Monday night ride. Yves took that as a personal challenge, and, considering that Monday was the longest day of the year (longest Monday anyway) he planned a route that was 100km long. A good group of us hit it hard, and 7 riders did the 100km in three hours. The beer and dinner special at Rob Roy’s went down well after that one! It was a fantastic night, and a great ride with a really strong group!

That’s all for now! Plans for this weekend include a good new route on Opinicon Lake Rd. for Saturday, and a park loop on Sunday to show Trent what hills are like! Should be a good one! Also, the TdF pool is on again, so if you want in, shoot me an email!


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