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The 40km Project – Part XI (aka Total Burnout)

It is with a bit of disappointment and frustration that I present Part XI of the 40km Project.

Last Sunday, I once again attempted the 40km TT in Calabogie, and once again, I came up short. And this time, instead of coming closer to my goal, I moved the wrong way–finishing the rolling 40kms in 60:47, 25 seconds slower than my last attempt. I won’t sugar coat it, and won’t give any excuses; I just couldn’t do it. On the 21km ‘out’ leg, I had no ‘go.’ It felt like I was crawling, and my head was not in the game.

The 19km ‘return’ leg went better, and for the first time I actually felt like I did well on the return. I’ll take this as a positive thing, and just hope to combine a great ‘out’ with a great ‘return’ leg one day. My average speed on the way out was 39.52 for the 21km trip, while the return trip was 41.64.

HR Graph - Calabogie TT

HR/Speed/Elevation (click to embiggen)

With 32 riders out in a much more competitive than usual field, I didn’t pass a single rider (my minute man ended up well under the hour mark) until 2 km to go–about the same time that I was passed by Aaron Fillion and then Warren MacDonald. Now, getting passed by these two is not such a surprising event (it sure isn’t the first time they’ve gone by me…) but considering that Aaron started nine (9? NINE!) minutes behind me, it was a bit demoralizing! Kudos to Aaron though for shattering (his own) course record by almost a minute, finishing in 50:23 (that’s 47.63 km/hr for those keeping track.)

Unfortunately, like last year, I won’t be able to test my legs on the Calabogie course again this season, as I plan to be in Montreal for the bike show and Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal on the day of the final TT.

I left the TT on Sunday feeling totally demoralized and both physically and mentally beat. I rode on Monday night with the crew, but (and I’m not joking…) haven’t touched my bike since. I’ll be back at it tomorrow with the Monday night crew, and we’ll see how the legs feel from there. If all goes well, I may just decide to try out the Ontario Provincial TT Championships on Sunday. Why not? If that doesn’t feel right, then the OBC TTs may be on tap, as a pan flat course may be what I need for a bit of a mental boost ;) We’ll see!

The weekend was spent in a kind of lazy/relaxing/decadent/indulgent bliss. Local peaches, cherries, blueberries, corn-on-the-cob, tomatoes, basil… gorging on the pleasures of the season, and indulging in some extras as well (baked brie with basil and sun dried tomatoes, Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, some Ontario Craft brew…) As I type, I’m enjoying a tomato/cucumber/basil/bocconcini/olive oil/balsamic salad with black pepper. It’ll be followed by some mustard-crusted pork tenderloin, and perhaps another of those Ontario Craft Brews (perhaps a Lug Tread, since it’s my current favourite, but there are a couple other new ones in the fridge to try too…)

My question for the day: What do you do when you feel totally burnt out? Ever put the bike away for a full week? Mistake or good idea?


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