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The 40km Project – Part IV


Shimano Dura Ace Sl-Bs77 Bar End Shifters

The second part of my gift from Shawn was a set of Shimano Dura Ace SI-BS77 Bar End Shifters.   These will work nicely with the bars/levers that he gave me, and form the main part of the cockpit on the TT rig.  I’m only missing the stem at this point…

Still working on finding some derailleurs, but fork is now taken care of (more on that soon) and Greg will hopefully dig up my crankset from the depths of the shop basement soon, and then I’ll be all set except for a few bits and pieces.

Pedals are in the mail and should arrive any day now, and Shawn’s got my new computer with heart rate, elevation, and all sorts of other fun features.  It’s a Sigma Rox 9.0 and looks like it should be a fun toy!  It’ll go on the road bike, but a second mount kit will allow it to work on the TT bike as well instead of having two separate computers.  I’m excited to have heart rate again (after the Polar disappointment) even though it’s not quite a Power Meter.  Ah well.. that will come eventually!


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