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The 40km Project Part XVI

This entry is part 16 of 16 in the series The 40km Project

Well, I am back to report on the somewhat dormant 40km Project. While planning out my 2013 ride schedule, I checked out the Almonte Bicycle Club calendar to see when the monthly 40km Calabogie TTs were. I noticed, to my dismay, that there was only one TT in Calabogie, and the rest were on a […]

Why You Need an ANT+ USB Key

2015 Update: Check out this post for updated product options! Do you have a PowerTap, Quark, or other ANT+ compatible power meter? How about a speed/cadence sensor or heart rate monitor that’s ANT+ enabled? Do you ride indoors (Zwift anyone?) during the off season to maintain and improve your fitness? If so, you should have […]

2012 – The Year in Review

How best to sum up 2012? Perhaps with many words and stories. Perhaps with few words, but lots of pictures. Or, as is most likely for me, some numbers. I failed at writing consistently again this year, but still kept regular stats on most of my riding and other activities. I’ll try to sum up […]

Metadata in Golden Cheetah v3

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Golden Cheetah

A first for me! Rather than a blog post or wiki entry, I’m testing the waters of the ‘screencast’! My first attempt is showing some of the metadata functionality in Golden Cheetah. It’ll also be posted on the Golden Cheetah Wiki for posterity. Your comments are appreciated!

Cycling Software

Keen readers may have noticed that I’ve posted a new ‘page’ on my blog about Cycling Software. You’ll see it over there on the left-hand side of the screen. I decided to create a page rather than a post, so the information will have a more permanent home, and will be easier to access and […]