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Moving Polygons in QGIS 1.9 While Respecting Snapping Settings

Have you ever tried using the “Move Feature(s)” tool in QGIS, only to get frustrated that you cannot use it and also snap to existing features at the same time? I sure have. With a bit of research, I found a workaround. It’s simple really; select all nodes with the Node Tool, and then drag […]

2012 – The Year in Review

How best to sum up 2012? Perhaps with many words and stories. Perhaps with few words, but lots of pictures. Or, as is most likely for me, some numbers. I failed at writing consistently again this year, but still kept regular stats on most of my riding and other activities. I’ll try to sum up […]

Calculating Polygon Areas in GRASS GIS

While playing around with the ever useful GRASS GIS, it occured to me that I often do all of my ‘simple’ tasks in QGIS and only break out GRASS for the heavy analysis. This means that I don’t always know how to do some basic tasks using GRASS directly. This became apparently while trying to […]

2011 – The Year in Review

Once again, I’m late with my summary of the past year. Shocking, I know ;) Better late than never though, so deal with it! I’m not even sure how best to summarize 2011; once again it was a year of ups and downs, both in life in general, and in my cycling. However, like 2010, […]

Statistics Canada Census Geography Data Released Today!

Hi Everyone! Just a quick reminder that the Statistics Canada Census Geography data should be released today for free! I don’t see it there yet, but I’ll keep checking! EDIT (9:05am): It looks like the data is now available!