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2012 – The Year in Review

How best to sum up 2012? Perhaps with many words and stories. Perhaps with few words, but lots of pictures. Or, as is most likely for me, some numbers. I failed at writing consistently again this year, but still kept regular stats on most of my riding and other activities. I’ll try to sum up […]

Renewed Motivation and VO2Max Part II

After my last post, you may have noticed I was a bit down, both mentally and physically. I took the entire week off, and only rode the bike to work (2km each way.) No road rides, no TT rides, no MTB rides, no ‘cross rides. It actually felt good! No stress, no physical pain, just […]

A Rare Ski/Ride Double Header!

February 5th, 2011. Mark it down. A rare ski/ride double header! You just know it’s a great day when you can ski and ride on the same day! I was up early this morning for a quick ski with Steve and Carolin. We went to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, and the conditions were outstanding. The […]

Gatineau Park – (Still) World Class Skiing!

I spent a few fantastic hours today in Gatineau Park.  Since it is January, and since it was -21 degrees this morning , I was not riding a bike (I know, weird eh?) but rather I was on my cross country skis! I met Steve and Carolin at the Gamelin parking lot (P3), and we […]

Spring Riding and Weekend Update

This weekend was spent in Gatineau again.  Saturday night a few friends came up to join Mél and I in Gatineau park for a moonlit ski.  We arrived at P16 at around 9:30pm to find the parking lot surprisingly full, despite the light rain that was falling.  We skied up the 50 (see map here) […]