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Video Player Blank in Golden Cheetah?

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Are you trying to get the “Train” view of Golden Cheetah set up so you can suffer all winter, but the Video Player is not working? Well yesterday I decided to set up Train View, and experienced exactly this problem. I opened up Golden Cheetah on a new Windows 8 laptop (that I have yet […]

Search and Filter in Golden Cheetah v3

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I put together a quick screencast showing the Search and Filter capabilities of Golden Cheetah v3. Check it out! Golden Cheetah has a multi-function Search and Filter box in the top right-hand corner. By default, Golden Cheetah starts with the Search function enabled. This is indicated by the word Search… in the query box, and the […]

Metadata in Golden Cheetah v3

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Golden Cheetah

A first for me! Rather than a blog post or wiki entry, I’m testing the waters of the ‘screencast’! My first attempt is showing some of the metadata functionality in Golden Cheetah. It’ll also be posted on the Golden Cheetah Wiki for posterity. Your comments are appreciated!

Bulk Delete Multiple Rides (Activities) in Golden Cheetah

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Like anyone new to Golden Cheetah, I have spent my fair share of time messing around trying to figure out how to get things to work and playing with my data. In doing so, I inevitably screwed up some of the rides (in my case, loaded a bunch of Sigma memory files rather than log […]

Using Golden Cheetah with a Sigma Rox Cycling Computer

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We all have our own way of tracking and logging our rides. Everything from a checkmark on the calendar (a la Jerry Seinfeld) to a full-blown database-driven application, or a myriad of options in beween. How we track our progress is very much a personal thing. Personally, I’ve gone through quite a progression, starting with […]